Jorge Juan Montes Pérez

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    Jorge Juan Montes Pérez

    Investigador Predoctoral

    Tel: +34 952 13 1844      E-mail:

    Despacho: Sala de Becarios




I studied Biology degree in University of Málaga. Due to my interest about Ecology, specially in Aquatic Ecology, I have been collaborating with Marine Ecology and Limnology Research Group of University of Málaga. I started my research studying phytoplankton paying special attention to role of environmental factors over size structure of community. Nowadays, I'm doing my PhD within C-hydrochange proyect focusing my research on carbon fluxes (CO2 and CH4) in reservoirs. In addition, I'm really interested in data analysis, statistical computing and graphics with software environment R.



-Ecología de Sistemas Acuáticos (Grado de Biología)
-Ecología I (Grado de Biología)
-Limnología Aplicada (Máster de Diversidad Biológica y Medio Ambiente)



-Grupo de Ecología Marina y Limnología (GEML, RNM-192)

-Proyecto Alter-C (Alteration of carbon sinks and sources in shrinking inland waters). 2022-2024. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.



Listado de premios



- Montes-Pérez JJ, Marcé R, Obrador B, et al (2022a) Hydrology influences carbon flux through metabolic pathways in the hypolimnion of a Mediterranean reservoir. Aquat Sci 84:1–16.

- Montes-Pérez JJ, Obrador B, Conejo-Orosa T, et al (2022b) Spatio-temporal variability of carbon dioxide and methane emissions from a Mediterranean reservoir. Limnetica 41:43–60.

- Montes-Pérez JJ, Conejo-Orosa T, Rodriguez J, et al (2020a) Patrones de heterogeneidad espacial y temporal del medio físico y del fitoplancton en el Paraje Natural de la desembocadura del río Guadalhorce (Málaga). Ecosistemas 29:1–7.

- Montes-Pérez JJ, Moreno-Ostos E, Marañón E, et al (2020b) Intermediate-size cell dominance in the phytoplankton community of an eutrophic, estuarine ecosystem (Guadalhorce River, Southern Spain). Hydrobiologia 847:2241–2254.

- Pozzo-Pirotta LJ, Montes-Pérez JJ, Sammartino S, et al (2022) Carbon dioxide emission from drawdown areas of a Mediterranean reservoir. Limnetica 41:61–72.

- Donis D, Mantzouki E, … (Montes-Pérez JJ),.. et al (2021) Stratification strength and light climate explain variation in chlorophyll <scp> a </scp> at the continental scale in a European multilake survey in a heatwave summer. Limnol Oceanogr.

- Mantzouki E, Campbell J, … (Montes-Pérez JJ),.. et al (2018a) A European Multi Lake Survey dataset of environmental variables, phytoplankton pigments and cyanotoxins. Sci Data 5:.

- Mantzouki E, Lürling M, … (Montes-Pérez JJ),.. et al (2018b) Temperature effects explain continental scale distribution of cyanobacterial toxins. Toxins (Basel) 10:.


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