Ubey Abderrahim Mabsout
Trabajo Fin de Grado del Grado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías de Telecomunicación. Diciembre 2015

In this work, the process of environmental energy harvesting and its conversion into electrical energy has been studied. On the one hand, we have analyzed the different types of environmental energy and the physical phenomena associated to their harvesting; and on the other hand, we have proposed, as a case of study, the harvesting of kinetic energy (vibration) by a piezoelectric transducer. Based on a theoretical analysis of the piezoelectric phenomenon we have designed, simulated, implemented and analyzed a harverster system (transducer, adapter circuit, load). The piezoelectric device has been modeled and characterized, and finally, the process of the vibratory energy harversting from an air flow has been analized both in the simulation and the experimental level.