Sandra Soraya Montesinos Barrios
Trabajo Fin de Grado del Grado en Ingeniería de Sistemas Electrónicos. Julio 2014 


In this work we study the use of five strategies for selecting the server node: random, Min-Hop, ETX, fuzzy-1 and fuzzy-2 (the last two are proposed by us).As simulation environment, we have made use of a regular square networkwith 8x8 nodes based on Wi-Fi technology. In this network we have analizedtwo escenarios in function of considering or not considering obstacles betweennodes. Download time and number of sent bytes have been measured. Theresults show that the random strategie produces the least performance, thatthe Min-Hop and ETX criteria work better or worse depending the features ofthe network, and the fuzzy strategies produce the best efficience due to theyadapt to all the situations of the network.