EDANYA Research Group

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The research group on Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Applications (EDANYA)  of the University of Málaga has a wide experience in Numerical Analysis. The group focuses its research in the numerical simulation of geophysical fluids by means of the numerical solution of hydrodynamic models. Besides the software development, the group has implemented a versatile web interface for intensive computation in CPU and GPU clusters.

Our more active lines of research are:

    Numerical Analysis of systems of Partial Differential Equations:
        Finite Element Methods
        Finite Volume Methods

    Geophysical flows simulation:
        Shallow-Water models
        Sediment transport
        Submarine and aerial avalanches
        Tsunami generation, propagation and inland penetration
        Oceanographic applications
        Hydrodynamic-Biology coupled models
        Pollutant transport
        Hazard assessment (dambreaks, avalanches, floods, ...)

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