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  • The usual weather conditions in early May are usually quite mild without rain. The expected temperature will probably range between a minimum of 13ºC and a maximum of 24ºC. But it can be (easily) get hotter. Probably you will be able to swim in the sea.
  • Check current conditions and next days forecast here.
  • You can visit the Málaga Museum, very close to the venue (2 min walking distance). Free for EU citizens.
  • (Although May it is a bit early season for "sardinas") do not miss the "espeto de sardinas", a way of preparing and eating the local "sardina", nailed in a kind of cane skewer ("espeto"), that is really typical of the Málaga summer. The best places to taste them is in the "Chiringuitos" in the beaches. The closer one to the venue (although I cannot give my personal opinion about it as I have never been there) is the "Chiringuito Tropicana" at 12 min walking distance from the venue.
  • You can check some suggestions for local gastronomy here (unfortunately in Spanish).
  • MONDAY is not a good day for fresh fish (no fishing on Sundays).
  • You have a wide range of restaurants in the city center, find a good one and enjoy it.

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