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: 2022-11-26 10:00
: 2022-11-26 18:00
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The Torcal de Antequera is a Natural Park which exists due to the erosion of water over a mountain range that existed in the Mesozoic era, about 200 million years ago. This sea stretched from Cadiz to Alicante, that is why in El Torcal there is an abundance of fossils (such as ammonites with their characteristic spiral shape), birds, mammals and reptiles, as well as various plants and lichens.

This place is located at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level and is a typical mid-mountain terrain. Therefore, to visit it, it is necessary to equip yourself properly: hiking boots, warm clothes, comfortable backpack with water, etc. because it is one of the coldest places in the province of Malaga.

This is a completely free activity. However, each student is responsible for bringing their own food and drink, as the excursion will last approximately 8 hours in total. A lunch break will be given halfway through the tour.

The tour ends in Antequera, a town in the province of Malaga, which is famous for being the site of the Roman town of Antikaria. 75% of the historical-artistic heritage of the province of Malaga is located in this village. 

We encourage you to wear the UMA backpacks and T-shirts given to you during the welcome ceremony in order to take pictures with them and to participate in the photo contest “UMA with no borders”.

Date: Saturday 26th November

Meeting point: UMA Botanical Garden (Campus Teatinos) Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 29, 29010 Málaga

Duration: 10:00 h - 18:00 h

Price: free

Registration: click here

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