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The UMA International Hub is a new internationalisation pole for the University of Malaga. This new centre, which is part of the Vice-rectorate for Mobility and International Cooperation, answers the need to enrich the internationalisation programme of the University of Malaga from a global and intercultural perspective. From the Hub we want to enhance the experience of the participants of the various mobility programmes through a comprehensive and personalised support to the needs of each of them, as well as to support the creation of new academic, cultural and research projects with regions beyond the Spanish border.

At the UMA International Hub we work to create and strengthen alliances with countries from different parts of the world; as well as to promote education and understanding between different cultures.

With this in mind, the ultimate objectives of the UMA International Hub are two. On the one hand, the integral dynamisation of the different academic mobility programmes participants through a wide range of programmes, suited to the academic and social interests of the participants. On the other hand, to research, identify and build relationships with institutions, companies and universities from different strategic regions with the aim of implementing mutually beneficial bilateral projects.

This new international hub of the University of Malaga also includes the Welcome to UMA Office, which is a transversal service within the Hub responsible for the dynamisation of incoming academic mobility. At the same time, it also serves as an umbrella that hosts and promotes the activities of different "Spaces".

In this way, the UMA International Hub serves as a framework to centralise internationalisation initiatives of the University of Malaga in order to catalyse and boost these enriching projects to the maximum.


To be the focal point for mobility programme participants and to build strategic bridges with partners of interest around the world.


To serve as a forerunner in creating comprehensive strategic internationalisation programmes with the aim of creating a broad, mutually beneficial portfolio of active partners in different regions of the world.


  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • Academic excellence
  • Global and local awareness
  • Global Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Transparency


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