Structure and functioning

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The UMA International Hub’s main pillars are two; the focus on the internationalisation of the university community and support for international synergies with strategic partners.

The Hub integrates the service of the Welcome to UMA Office, which is in charge of the stimulation of the participants’ mobility in the incoming academic mobilities, which becomes a transversal service within the Hub.

Thus, the UMA International Hub bases its structure on its way of working, through the attention to the public, the dynamisation of incoming mobility and the creation of integral programmes in collaboration with strategic international partners. One point to highlight within the Hub's operation are the "Spaces".


The spaces of international partners are specific meeting points at the University of Malaga with regions outside the Spanish border to which we give special attention. These Spaces have direct and active contact with international partner institutions from countries of strategic interest to the University of Malaga in its internationalisation work.

The purpose of these "Spaces" is to create synergies with institutions, companies and universities from various strategic regions, with the aim of implementing bilateral initiatives of mutual benefit.


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