Instituto Andaluz interuniversitario de Criminología, Málaga

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imago-IAICThe Andalusian Interuniversity Institute of Criminology (A.I.I.C) is a scientific and technical research university centre, as well as a place for academic specialisation, that undertakes activities within the criminal law, penitentiary, criminology and political-criminal fields.

Researching the causes, and focusing on the prevention of criminal behaviour explains why jurists, psychologists, social workers, police officers, doctors, journalists and other professionals from a wide range of fields find an ideal instrument for their professional improvement and promotion in the interdisciplinarity of Criminology, as well as for joining the new services that our advanced society is continuously creating (victim assistance offices, teams of technical experts in penitentiary institutions, attention to marginalised groups, children reform services, etc.).

The Andalusian Interuniversity Institute of Criminology in Malaga started offering its courses during the academic year 1992/1993, and since then, we have been both improving and widening our academic offer.

José Luís Díez Ripollés, Professor of Criminal Law, Honorary Director of A.I.I.C


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