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> Intervention for the prevention of the infantile and juvenile delinquency of unaccompanied foreign minors. Code 8.07/6.08.4954 >> In progress

 Main researcher Elisa García España
 Duration 2017-2018
 Budget 80.000 €
 Funding Institution La Ciudad de Ceuta


> “Mapping of the available data on violence against women and its costs through the criminal justice perspective in Mexico”. Código 8.06/6.08.4787

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration February 1 to 20, 2017
 Budget 6.453 euros
Funding Institution United Nations (UNDOC)


> "Criminological report on the criminal impact of supply and consumption of cannabis in Spain over the last thirty years. Criminal, judicial and prison indicators. Administrative sanction” Code 8.06/6.08.4431

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration June and July 2015
 Budget 1.500 euros
 Funding institution Welfare and Development Association


> Evaluation project of the effective police identification program. Code 8.06/6.08.3941

 Main researcher Elisa García España
 Duration 2012-2014
 Budget 20.000 €
 Funding Institution Open Society Justice Iniciative y la Plataforma para la gestión policial de la diversidad

> “Local Police in Spain: analysis and prospects for its inner workings” Code 8.07/6.08.3748

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration September 2011 - September 2012
 Budget 23.135,59 euros
 Funding Institution Defensor del Pueblo


> “Recidivism of minor offenders in Castilla-Leon”

 Main researcher José Luís Díez Ripollés
 Duration 1/9/2008 to 12/12/2009
 Budget 23.200 euros
 Funding Institution Junta de Castilla-León


> “Counterterrorism strategies in Spain”

 Main researcher José Luís Díez Ripollés
 Duration October 1st 2005- December 31st 2005
 Quantity of subvention 5.500 euros
 Financing institution Research and Documentation Centre, Ministry of Justice, The  Netherlands


> Comparative study of the application of Law 4/1992 and Law 5/2000, which regulate the criminal responsibility of minors. Ref.- 8.06/6.08.1903 

 Main researcher José Luis Díez Ripollés
 Duration October 1st 2002 - December 31st 2003
 Quantity of subvention 84.000 €
 Financing institution Consejo General del Poder Judicial


> Drugs and delinquency: its treatment by the justice administration

 Main researcher José Luis Díez Ripollés
 Duration October 1st 2001 - October 1st 2002
 Budget 12.000.000 pesetas
 Financing institution Consejo General del Poder Judicial


> Neglected Moroccan minor immigrants 

Main researcher José Luis Díez Ripollés
Duration May 1st 2001 - June 30th 2002
Budget 18.000 €
Funding institution Dirección General de Asuntos Europeos y Cooperación Exterior. Consejería de la Presidencia de la Junta de Andalucía
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