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> Guidance for a monographic report updating the institution's doctrine, incorporating an assessment of the protection of unaccompanied foreign minors and the impact of their transition to adulthood.

 >>   In progress

 Main researchers
 Elisa García España
 Duration 1/8/2023 - 31/12/2024
 Budget 14.890 €
 Funding Institution Ombudsman


Research project on Criminology. Code: 8.06/6.08.6491.

 >>   In progress

 Main researchers
 Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration 23/2/2023 - 23/2/2028 
 Budget 149.000 €
 Funding Institution European Society of Criminology



> Advancing Administrative Data Collection on Intimate Partner Violence and Gender-related killings of Women. 

  >>   In progress

 Main researchers
 Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration 11/07/2019 - 10/06/2020 
 Budget 1.050
 Funding Institution European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). GOPA Luxembourg.


> Intervention for the Prevention of Infantile and Juvenile Delinquency among Unaccompanied Foreign Minors. Code 8.07/6.08.4954 >> In progress

 Main researcher Elisa García España
 Duration 2018-2019
 Budget 82.006 €
 Funding Institution The city of Ceuta


 > Overview of the Availability, Comparability and Consistency of Administrative Statistical Data on Recorded Crime and on the Stages of the Criminal Justice Process in the EU, Call for Tenders nº HOME-2016-ISFP-PR-STAT-0025. Code 8.06/6.08.4977 >>  In progress

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration 1 February 2017- 30 July 2020
 Budget 4.400 €
 Funding Institution GOPA Geselischaft für Organization, Planum und Ausbildung mbH


> Homicide between Partners in Málaga. Code 8.06/6.08.4995 

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration 1 December 2017- 1 May 2018
 Budget 21.175 €
 Funding institution Spanish State Secretariat for Security. Spanish Ministry of the Interior

> Intervention for the Prevention of Infantile and Juvenile Delinquency among Unaccompanied Foreign Minors. Code 8.07/6.08.4954

 Main researcher  Elisa García España
 Duration 2017-2018 
 Budget 80.000 €
 Funding institution The city of Ceuta

> Mapping of the Available Data on Violence against Women and its Costs through the Criminal Justice Perspective in Mexico. Code 8.06/6.08.4787

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration 1- 20 February 2017
 Budget 6.453 euros
Funding Institution United Nations (UNDOC)


> Criminological Report on the Criminal Impact of Supply and Consumption of Cannabis in Spain over the Last Thirty Years. Criminal, Judicial and Penal Indicators. Administrative Sanction. Code 8.06/6.08.4431

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration June-July 2015
 Budget 1.500 euros
 Funding institution Welfare and Development Association


> Assessing the Effective Police Identification Programme. Code 8.06/6.08.3941

 Main researcher Elisa García España
 Duration 2012-2014
 Budget 20.000 €
 Funding Institution Open Society Justice Iniciative and Plataforma para la gestión policial de la diversidad

> Local Police in Spain: Analysis and Prospects for its Internal Functioning. Code 8.07/6.08.3748

 Main researcher Ana Isabel Cerezo Domínguez
 Duration September 2011 - September 2012
 Budget 23.135,59 euros
 Funding Institution Spanish Ombudsman


> Recidivism among Minor Offenders in the Region of Castile and León. Ref.- 8.06/6.08.3167

 Main researcher José Luís Díez Ripollés
 Duration 1 September 2008- 12 December 2009
 Budget 23.200 euros
 Funding Institution Junta de Castilla-León


> Counterterrorism Strategies in Spain. Ref.- 8.06/6.08.2518

 Main researcher José Luís Díez Ripollés
 Duration 1 October- 31 December 2005
 Quantity of subvention 5.500 euros
 Financing institution Research and Documentation Centre, Ministry of Justice, The Netherlands


> Comparative Study on the Implementation of Law 4/1992 and Law 5/2000, which Regulate the Criminal Responsibility of Minors. Ref.- 8.06/6.08.1903 

 Main researcher José Luis Díez Ripollés
 Duration 1 October 2002- 31 December 2003
 Quantity of subvention 84.000 €
 Financing institution Spanish General Council of the Judiciary


> Drugs and Delinquency: its Treatment by the Justice Administration

 Main researcher José Luis Díez Ripollés
 Duration 1 October 2001- 1 October 2002
 Budget 12.000.000 pesetas
 Financing institution Spanish General Council of the Judiciary


> Neglected Moroccan Minor Immigrants

Main researcher José Luis Díez Ripollés
Duration 1 May 2001- 30 June 2002
Budget 18.000 €
Funding institution Directorate-General for European Affairs and External Cooperation. President’s Office of the Junta de Andalucía
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