Desde el Centro de Estudios Coreanos de la Universidad Federal del Lejano Oriente (Vladivostok, Rusia) nos informan que la IX FEFU International Korean Studies Conference tendrá lugar los próximos días del 15 al 16 de mayo de 2020. La Conferencia se centrará en una amplia variedad de temas relacionados con los estudios coreanos:

  • Relaciones bilaterales ruso-coreanas
  • Temas actuales de la Península Coreana
  • Historia y cultura de Corea
  • Filología coreana
  • Procesos socioeconómicos en la República de Corea y la República Popular Democrática de Corea

A continuación, podréis encontrar toda la información de la conferencia:

Presentations and Papers

Organizing Committee welcomes to take part in conference by both presentation and sending a paper. All successful applicants will be expected to give a 15 minute presentation and will have to submit their full paper (not less than 10,000 characters) and presentation (if needed) by May 1, 2020.

Working languages: Organizing Committee decided to accept presentations and papers in Russian, English and Korean languages.

Eligibility and Support

Eligible Applicants: MA students, PhD students, Korean Studies Researchers from Russian and Overseas Universities and Academic Institutions.

Accommodation and meals: The cost of in-campus accommodation is approximately 4,000 rubles per day. Please contact us if such accommodation is necessary. Meals (lunch and dinner) will be provided to all participants during the conference.

Transport: Unfortunately, due to the restricted budget, we are not able to offer any transport grant to participants. Participants are encouraged to seek financial support from their own universities.

Application and Submission of Abstracts

Organized panel

  • 4 presenters per panel, 100 minutes. A panelist may serve in multiple roles, including moderator, presenter, and discussant.
  • Panel organizer submits all required documents for the panel proposal.
  • Required documents: panel proposal (1 page), paper abstracts (300 words max) in print-ready format, including name and institution.

Individual papers

Applicants should submit the following information by e-mail to

  1. full name, title and institution
  2. contact info (e-mail and telephone)
  3. major area of study
  4. abstract (300 words max.) in print-ready format.

Alternatively you can use our registration system (

The organizing committee will assign individual papers to panels.

You will be sent a confirmation that your application has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation by the March 5, 2020, please, contact with Organizing Committee by e-mail.

Application Period

The deadline for applications is March 2, 2020.

We will contact all applicants regarding the acceptance of their application by April 1, 2020.

Conference web-site and e-mail

Organizing Committee contact details