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The Korea Office originated from the relationship between the University of Malaga and the National University of Incheon since 2011, although in itself the relations between both universities have already accomplished a decade. In their course both universities have been strengthening their relationships through various common projects, like the mobility of students and teachers, collaborations between research groups of both universities or the promotion of area studies in institutions.

Through this “bridge” we connect our researchers, students, companies and institutions with their counterparts in South Korea, seeking to increase and strengthen academic knowledge, providing greater understanding in these culturally different countries, but similar in their bases. Through our extensive network of collaborators, spread across several corners of the world, we achieve an exchange of excellence at an academic and human level.

In recent years the work of the Office has expanded transatlantically due to the agreements with diverse Latin American universities in a triangulation context of UMA-KOREA-Latin America. Especially thanks to the projects and  agreements with universities like the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico.

The Office has become a bridge of fruitful opportunities and projects for all those interested in the extraordinary culture of South Korea.



                We are the “bridge” that connects the University of Malaga with Korea.

The Korea Office of the University of Malaga has the goal of research, identify and construct relations with institutions, business and universities of Korea and Spain, with the purpose of launching bilateral projects.



                To build a communication channel and fluent exchange between Korea and Spain.

Taking advantage of the relations of the University of Malaga and European, Latin American and North African institutions, the Office opens the possibility to expand this relations to Korea. In this way, the agents added in Korea can find in Malaga a privileged platform and a strategic ally in its possible introduction in Europe, Latin America and North Africa; at the sam time, our contacts in these spaces will find in Malaga a bridge through which they can start their contacts in Korea.



  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Implication
  • Passion
  • Transparency
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