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Dear visitor,

Thank you for your interest in our work in the construction of the bridge of internationalization of Andalucía TECH from the Korea Internationalization Platform. Our origins were quite modest back in 2005, but the continued work and support of the university have allowed stabilizing the relations with Korea and acquiring the current strength.

The main objective is to build a channel of communication and fluid exchange between Korea and Spain, an objective that we believe are achieving over the years of operation of the Office and thanks to the effort put into the relations with our partners in the country. This bridge, as we like to call it, puts our researchers, students, companies and institutions in contact with their equals in Korea with the intention of improving and enhancing academic and human quality. Excellence is a fundamental part of Andalucía TECH and from the Korea Internationalization Platform is an objective we cannot abandon. This excellence has been strengthened thanks to the articulation of concrete projects and, from the Platform, we firmly believe that a very important way is the relationship and exchange at all levels with Korea.

These exchanges are positive for several reasons:

  • The first reason is a similar orientation towards excellence on each side of the “bridge”. Both in Korea and Spain we aver very clear that the road to economic recovery and sustained growth is innovation and excellence. We must offer new ways to face the old problems and carry out new solutions with the quality and solvency that characterizes us.
  • We find the second reason in our own differences between Spain and Korea. Both countries have evolved differently and although we may be socioeconomically comparable, we have developed very different solutions to similar problems. These differences can teach us is to look at our problems with different eyes, showing us elegant solutions to what we previously considered insurmountable.
  • Lastly, these exchange allow us to acquire a platform from which propose new challenges. Spain has traditionally focused on relations with Latin America and North Africa, while Korea has found in the United States and Japan its main allies, China has been included only in recent decades thanks to the geopolitical change of the region. The relations between Spain and Korea offer us an opportunity to expand our horizons in new areas, with the advantage of having a privileged guide to introduce us to them.


The Korea Internationalization Platform has achieved the construction of this communication bridge between Korea and Spain. In this construction process we not only have very clear that we want to include the most dynamic agents that already work in similar objectives, since it can only revert in the excellence of the project, we also conceive it as a double-way bridge by which Koreans and Spaniards can walk in both directions with total freedom.

We hope to be able to count with your support in this exciting project and that you will enjoy the journey through this bridge as much as we enjoy its construction.

We hope to receive you soon.

Thank you,

Antonio J. Doménech del Río

Director of the Korea Office.

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