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The University of Malaga has launched the CAR SHARING Programme through the Social Action Service. This programme is aimed at members of the university community (students, administrative and service staff and teaching and research staff) who commute daily to different academic centres using private transport. The aim of this programme is to establish contact between people who are willing to car share on journeys with similar destinations. The arrangement could include picking up other colleagues and taking it in turns to make a pick up and be picked up.

The benefits are both practical (lower travel costs) and ecological, as the programme aims to make using private transport more rational. This will result in:

Lower outlays on these journeys

Less consumption of energy resources

A reduction in pollution

Less traffic density

Easier parking and more free spaces in car parks

This is a new formula that provides more personalised management, and, naturally, you decide whether or not to share the journey and with whom you share it.


For the provider:

Tutorial for offering to car share in own vehicle  

  1. Access the Contact Me Programme   using your university community passwords.
  2. Fill in the Programme form.


For the applicant:

Tutorial for the demand for places in vehicles.

  1. Access the Find Me Programme  using your university community passwords.
  2. Fill in the Programme form.
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