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Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe

Welcome to the homepage of COST Action RECAST

Approved by the Committee of Senior Officials of the COST Association through written procedure on 23 June 2017, RECAST had its kick-off meeting in Brussels on 15 September 2017. The Action has been running for a period of four years until 14 September 2021, independently of the extent of its publications programme which has been extended through 2024.

The Action's Starting Point: Poor Political Relevance of Intellectual Debates

Reactions to the growing conflicting claims on civic rights of individuals and groups in secularized societies framing new forms of ethnic, religious, and civil diversity, have been theorized largely in unrelated spheres.

In social sciences, responses range from empirical-quantitative to legal and social theory studies, whereas in humanities the leading approaches extend from political and social history to cultural studies to moral and political philosophy. Very rarely have responses been produced by humanities’ and social sciences’ joint approaches.

The Challenge: To Reverse the Situation

By advancing this form of cooperative research, the Action seeks to bridge the gap that separates politics and policy action from humanities and social science research, and then provide new insights into the links (theoretical, political, and institutional) between civic rights and democracy in Europe.

Widening their interpretive outlook and deepening their transnational understanding become constructive conditions to engage scholars as well as non-academic stakeholders in the Action. 


From 15 September 2017 to 14 September 2021, funded by the European Union Framework Programme Horizon 2020, RECAST has worked as a redistributive mechanism of networking resources and opportunities. Through its networking tools (management committee meetings, training schools, working group workshops, short-term scientific missions, communication and dissemination actions, and inclusiveness target countries conference grants), this scientific network has distributed more than 400 participation shares (being some members involved in several activities throughout the Action’s time span) among participants from 32 countries

RECAST in Numbers


Up front you can explore the Action's structure and its different networking tools. That information is expanded in the right column where also the different calls for papers and for applications are posted online.

The Action's basic information at the website of COST

RECAST's Facebook page 

Contact Details

Chair of the Action: Prof. José María Rosales, jmrosales @

Vice Chair of the Action: Prof. Sia Spiliopoulou-Åkermark, sia @





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