Ricardo Bermejo Lacida

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1. Azcárate-García, T., Beca-Carretero, P., Cara, C.L., Villamayor, B., Cosnett, E., Bermejo, R., Hernández, I. et al. 2022. Seasonal plant development and meadow structure of Irish and southern Spanish seagrass populations. Aquat. Bot. 183:103569.

2. Bermejo, R., Cara, C.L., Macías, M., Sánchez-García, J. & Hernández, I. 2020a. Growth rates of Gracilariopsis longissima, Gracilaria bursa-pastoris and Chondracanthus teedei (Rhodophyta) cultured in ropes: implication for N biomitigation in Cadiz Bay (Southern Spain). J. Appl. Phycol. Appl. Phycol. 32:1879–91.

3. Bermejo, R., Chefaoui, R.M., Engelen, A.H., Buonomo, R., Neiva, J., Ferreira-Costa, J., Pearson, G.A. et al. 2018. Marine forests of the Mediterranean-Atlantic Cystoseira tamariscifolia complex show a southern Iberian genetic hotspot and no reproductive isolation in parapatry. Sci. Rep. 8:810427.

4. Bermejo, R., Galindo-Ponce, M., Golden, N., Linderhoff, C., Heesh, S., Hernández, I., Morrison, L., Aceptado. Two bloom forming species of Ulva (chlorophyta) show different responses to seawater temperature, and no antagonistic interaction. J. Phycol.

5. Bermejo, R., Golden, N., Schrofner, E., Knöller, K., Fenton, O., Serrão, E. & Morrison, L. 2022. Biomass and nutrient dynamics of major green tides in Ireland: Implications for biomonitoring. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 175:113318.

6. Bermejo, R., Heesch, S., Mac Monagail, M., O’Donnell, M., Daly, E., Wilkes, R.J. & Morrison, L. 2019a. Spatial and temporal variability of biomass and composition of green tides in Ireland. Harmful Algae. 81:94–105.

7. Bermejo, R., Macías, M., Cara, C.L., Sánchez-García, J. & Hernández, I. 2019b. Culture of Chondracanthus teedei and Gracilariopsis longissima in a traditional salina from southern Spain. J. Appl. Phycol. 31:561–73.

8. Bermejo, R., Macías, M., Sánchez-García, F., Love, R., Varela-Álvarez, E. & Hernández, I. 2020b. Influence of irradiance, dissolved nutrients and salinity on the colour and nutritional characteristics of Gracilariopsis longissima (Rhodophyta). Algal Res. 52.

9. Bermejo, R., MacMonagail, M., Heesch, S., Mendes, A., Edwards, M., Fenton, O., Knöller, K. et al. 2020c. The arrival of a red invasive seaweed to a nutrient over-enriched estuary increases the spatial extent of macroalgal blooms. Mar. Environ. Res. 158:104944.

10. Buonomo, R., Chefaoui, R.M., Bermejo, R., Engelen, A.H., Serrão, E.A. & Airoldi, L. 2018. Predicted extinction of unique genetic diversity in marine forests of Cystoseira spp. Mar. Environ. Res. 138:119–28.

11. Casado-Amezúa, P., Araújo, R., Bárbara, I., Bermejo, R., Borja, Á., Díez, I., Fernández, C. et al. 2019. Distributional shifts of canopy-forming seaweeds from the Atlantic coast of Southern Europe. Biodivers. Conserv. 28:1151–1172.

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13. Karki, S., Bermejo, R., Wilkes, R., Monagail, M. Mac, Daly, E., Healy, M., Hanafin, J. et al. 2021. Mapping Spatial Distribution and Biomass of Intertidal Ulva Blooms Using Machine Learning and Earth Observation. Front. Mar. Sci. 8:1–20.

14. MacMonagail, M., Cummins, E., Bermejo, R., Daly, E., Costello, D. & Morrison, L. 2018. Quantification and feed to food transfer of total and inorganic arsenic from a commercial seaweed feed. Environ. Int. 118:314–24.

15. Marques Mendes, A., Golden, N., Bermejo, R. & Morrison, L. 2021. Distribution and abundance of microplastics in coastal sediments depends on grain size and distance from sources. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 172:112802.

16. Martínez-Garrido, J., Bermejo, R., Serrão, E.A., Sánchez-Lizaso, J. & González-Wangüemert, M. 2017. Regional Genetic Structure in the Aquatic Macrophyte Ruppia cirrhosa Suggests Dispersal by Waterbirds. Estuaries and Coasts. 40:1705–16.

17. Navarrete-Fernández, T., Bermejo, R., Hernández, I., Deidun, A., Andreu-Cazenave, M. & Cózar, A. 2022. The role of seagrass meadows in the coastal trapping of litter. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 174.

18. Neiva, J., Bermejo, R., Medrano, A., Capdevila, P., Milla-Figueras, D., Afonso, P., Ballesteros, E. et al. 2022. DNA barcoding reveals cryptic diversity , taxonomic conflicts and novel biogeographical insights in Cystoseira s.l. (Phaeophyceae). Eur. J. Phycol. 00:1–25.

19. Orfanoudaki, M., Hartmann, A., Mayr, J., Figueroa, F.L., Vega, J., West, J., Bermejo, R. et al. 2021. Analysis of the mycosporine-like amino acid (Maa) pattern of the salt marsh red alga bostrychia scorpioides. Mar. Drugs. 19:1–10.

20. Sousa, C.B. De, Cox, C.J., Brito, L., Pavão, M.M., Pereira, H., Ferreira, A., Ginja, C., Campino, L., Bermejo, R., Parente, M., Varela, J.. 2019. Improved phylogeny of brown algae Cystoseira (Fucales) from the Atlantic- Mediterranean region based on mitochondrial sequences. PLoS One. 14:1–23.

21. Wan, A. H. L., Wilkes, R. J., Heesch, S., Bermejo, R., Johnson, M. P., and Morrison, L. 2017. Assessment and Characterisation of Ireland’s Green Tides (Ulva species). PLoS One. 12.



1. ALGAHUB: Producción a gran escala de alimentos funcionales relacionados con las algas para una sociedad más sostenible y saludable (TED2021-131555B-C21). IP: Francisco Gabriel Acien Fernández. Universidad de Málaga. Funding body: Next Generation EU (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación y Comisión Europea). Role: Investigador.

2. CLIMAREST: Coastal Climate Resilience and Marine Restoration Tools for the Artic Atlantic basin (HORIZON-MISS-2021-OCEAN-02-03). Cordinador: Ida Beathe Overjordet. Funding body: Horizon Europe –European Commission. Total: 8.701.780,24€. Universidad de Málaga. 01/12/2022-31/11/2025 Role: IP UMA (Ricardo Bermejo) paquete de trabajo -Restauración de praderas de fanerógamas marinas (268.285,00 €).

3. MACROBIOMASS: Enhancing the elemental composition of MACROalgal bloom BIOMASS. IP: Ricardo Bermejo. National University of Ireland, Galway. 15/06/2022-14/07/2022 Role: IP. Funding body: Assemble+ Program –European Commission. Aprox. 9.000,00€.

4. Development of a methodology to obtain protoplast of two red seaweeds with commercial interest. IP: Ricardo Bermejo. Universidad de Cádiz. 01/05/2020-30/04/2023. 126.852,80 €. Role: IP. Funding body: 2014-2020 European Regional Development Funds –European Commission-.

5. MACROMAN: MACROalgal blooms in transitional and coastal waters; MANagement - pressures, policy and solutions. Environmental Protection Agency. IP: Dr. Liam Morrison. National University of Ireland, Galway. 01/03/2018-01/03/2020. 324.580,48 €. Role: Investigador líder. Funding body: EPA Ireland.

6. SEAMAT: Nutrient dynamics and eco-physiology of opportunistic macroalgal blooms in Irish estuaries and coastal bays. Environmental Protection Agency. 349.862,00 €. IP: Dr. Liam Morrison. National University of Ireland, Galway. 01/05/2016-30/04/2018. Role: Investigador líder. Funding body: EPA Ireland.

7. Optimizing harvest and cultivation of seaweeds in estuaries of the Bay of Cadiz for the food industry. Junta de Andalucía. IP: Ignacio Hernández. Universidad de Cádiz. 30/01/2014-31/12/2017. 169.962,73 €. Role: Investigador. Funding body: Proyectos de Excelencia –Andalusian Regional Government-.



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