Measurements laboratory

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The measurement laboratory is located in the south zone of the first floor of the building of the School of Industrial Engineering, with access through the door 1.520L. It occupies an approximate surface of 180 m2 and is mainly dedicated to the subjects taught in the second year of degree that constitute the entrance to this discipline of engineering, among which are the foundations of Electrical Engineering and electrical measurements.

This laboratory consists of a total of 9 stands with a capacity of up to 4 students per stand. Each stand consists of the following instrumentation:

  • Voltmeters
  • Ammeters
  • Single and three phase wattmeters
  • Phase meters
  • Adjustable DC power supply
  • Oscilloscope
  • Set of capacitors, inductances and resistors
  • Set of switches and push buttons
  • Variable resistance rheostat
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