Centre for Research on Health Sciences

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The Center for Research in Health Sciences is a center designed to support the Faculty's research groups, as well as those researchers with whom they develop projects in collaboration.
The Center has 300 m2 dedicated to laboratories, offices, meeting and work areas, sample reception and storage.

It has a Basic Research Laboratory that allows the processing and analysis of samples (laboratory hood with laminar flow, spectrography, centrifuges, microscopy, etc.) as well as cold storage devices at -80ºC and work area. A second Human Movement laboratory for biomechanical and functional musculoskeletal research, as well as a driving simulator for people with brain damage. Lastly, it has a Tissue Integrity, Wound and Clinical research laboratory, with a room for research on supine subjects on a capacitive pressure surface, peripheral tissue oxygen meter and vascular laser doppler and bioimpedance measurement.

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