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Erasmus+ offers opportunities for students to study and staff to teach or train in higher education institutions (HEIs) beyond Europe.  It also makes available the same opportunities for staff and students from countries beyond Europe to come to participating HEIs in Europe. This is known as International Credit Mobility (ICM) and this is an activity under Key Action 1 (KA107).

Under this mobility, students at any level are able to study abroad for a limited period of 3 to 12 months for which credits are obtained. After the mobility phase, the students return to their sending institution to complete their studies and get recognition for the obtained credits. Similarly, staff can spend a teaching and/or training period abroad for up to 2 months.

Regular mobilities duration are 5 months for students and 7 days for staff, but may vary depending on the country and call, so please consult the current call for further information about placements offer.

Consult the Erasmus Policy Statement and the Erasmus Charter awarded to the University of Málaga, which contains the fundamental principles to be respected when participating in Erasmus +.

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