Study Grants

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  1. Are there study grants?
  2. According to the Reglamento de Titulaciones Propias [Regulation on Non-Official Degrees] of the University of Málaga, non-official degrees with a study load of 30 ECTS or more can allocate a minimum of 5% of their total sum of income to grants, as these are trainings that do not receive public money.

  3. What requirements are there to obtain these study grants?
    • A) To fill in the specific study grant form in due time
    • B) To be within the economic threshold that the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture establishes every school year for study grants.
    • C) To attach a photocopy of the family booklet of every member of the family unit.
    • D) To attach a photocopy of the tax return of the family unit.
    • E) To make a sworn statement that they do not receive any other public grant to study in the Málaga division of the IAIC.
  4. To be eligible for the grant, the following requirements must be met:

  5. Where do I have to hand the study grants form?
  6. It shall be handed at the Registro General [General Register] of the University of Málaga. As the electronic system is being gradually installed, we recommend to consult or to call (+34) 952132283.

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