Juvenile justice

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Another area in which the Malaga Section of the AIIC has carried out activities of technical assistance is in juvenile justice. During the years 2009 and 2010 an empirical study on recidivism of juvenile offenders in Castile-Leon was carried out, as requested by the General Management of Social Affairs of the Government of this Autonomous Community. The results of this study offered information of extreme interest to those in charge of juvenile justice. Moreover, during 1999/2000 the Malaga Section of the AIIC participated in the Symposium organised by the Ministry of Justice that had the objective of approaching the problems that would arise in Andalusia when the law of juvenile criminal responsibility came into effect. At a state level, the Malaga Section of the AIIC participated in a workshop on minors organised by the General Council of the Judiciary in order to analyse Law 5/2000 on Juvenile Criminal Responsibility.

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