Grants Students (2019-2020)

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Travel Support

The project will cover a return ticket from home to the host university for all grantees with a fixed amount depending on the travel distance:


Travel Support


180 €


275 €

Montenegro, Moldova, Senegal

360 €

Benin, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Russian Federation, Ukraine

530 €

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Cuba, Georgia, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Kenia, Namibia,

820 €

Bolivia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Philippines, South Africa, United States

1.500 €

Distance Calculator:

Individual Support




StudentsIncoming850 € / month
Outgoing700 € / month

Incoming: mobilities from Partner Countries to Europe

Outgoing: mobilities from Europe to Partner Countries


Medical Insurance

Grantees have to send to UMA a proof that they have provided themselves with a health, accident, travel and repatriation insurance.

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