Ujaldón Martínez

Universidad de Origen 

Universidad de Málaga

Universidad de Destino 

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Fecha de inicio de la movilidad 

27 de septiembre de 2021

Fecha de fin de la movilidad 

1 de octubre de 2021

Tipo de movilidad 

Personal Docencia


A summary of my experience: Ana López Narbona, who received another Erasmus+ grant, synchronized her visit with mine. We were both received in the airport by our Erasmus+ coordinator at NUST, Jesús Lasso. He always treated us like his brothers, took good care of all contacts and activities, and showed us the city and surroundings during our weekly stay too.

This way, as we can see in the pictures attached, we met with the International Relations people, the head of the European Union in Namibia, the Ambassador, the head of the Faculty of Computer Science (my area of expertise) and few other relevant personalities.

During my week at NUST, I taught a course entitled "Fundamentals of Deep Learning" where I covered the principles of Artificial Intelligence from the viewpoint of Deep Neural Networks.

The course was supported by Nvidia, the company leader worldwide in this topic, which provided me all resources for students to create and run their own projects in the cloud via Amazon Web Services.

Most of the students were certified in the topic by the company and will have free access to hardware resources and software tools and applications for the next six months to improve their skills and training. Overall, it was a great experience to teach in Namibia and offer this training to students at NUST.

I found a technological gap between these students and mine at UMA, but their attitude helped very much to remove this drawback.

Students were very motivated and grateful to my work, and I would recommend this experience to a European professor to enrich its working activities and gain international visibility, not only from a teaching experience, but also from the underlying research.

Results and impact:

In addition to my course (8 hours taught), I also gave a talk broadcasted to all the University, more focused on my research topics and targeted to start new collaborations with the researchers at NUST in future projects. Attached is the poster that organizers created and distributed within campus to promote the event. We expect this initiative will bring opportunities to establish cooperations between our departments and people in the mid-term timeframe for future projects.