Visiting Scholars

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  • Bertha Prado Manrique. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. From May 2016 to the present.
  • Juan Alberto Martens. Institute for Comparative Studies in Criminal and Social Sciences of Paraguay. November 2015 to January 2016.
  • Jaris Mújica Pujazón. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. May 2016.
  • Byron E. Villagomez-Moncayo. University of Utrecht. january to August 2016.
  • Antonella Bobbio. National University of Cordoba (Argentina).
  • Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic. University of Belgrade. October 2018.


Those professors or researchers who wish to make a research stay in our Center should contact the academic secretary to request it: José Becerra Muñoz (

In this first contact, they must provide their academic data, the research line on which they intend to work, the approximate date of completion of the stay and the estimated duration of the stay.

Once an affirmative answer has been received, they must submit their research project and / or a description of the activities they intend to carry out during their stay.

The minimum term of stay will be one month and, if it is equal to or greater than three months, the professor or researcher must make an exhibition about his work in one of the sessions of the Permanent Research Seminar in Criminology (SPIC).

The Institute of Criminology will provide a working table in the room of researchers with Internet connection as well as access to the other services of the University of Malaga (libraries, dining rooms, etc). The visiting professor or researcher may also participate in the academic activities organized by the Institute and in the area of criminal law (such as classes, seminars and seminars) that take place during their stay.

The Institute of Criminology will also issue a certificate of the stay made.

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