Administrative Appeals

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In general terms, any student can appeal against the administration for the following reasons:

  1. What type of administrative appeals can I lodge?

    Appeals shall be lodged against higher administrative bodies or against the same administrative body that has issued the resolution.

  2. What is an appeal against a higher administrative body? Procedure and deadlines.

    When resolutions and actions do not exhaust the administrative channel, they can be appealed against a higher body than the one which issued them. Said body shall forward the appeal to the appropriate higher body within ten days and attach their report and a copy. At University, said higher body is the Dean.

    Students shall have a period of one month to appeal against the resolution from the moment that they receive the notification (express measure). If this period goes by and no appeal is lodged, the resolution will be considered definite.

    If no answer is given by the University (alleged act) an appeal against a higher body can be lodged at any time after the consequences of the administrative silence are into place.

    The deadline to adopt and notify a resolution shall be three months. From then on, the appeal may be considered rejected. Once this appeal is rejected, no other administrative appeal can be lodged, except for the extraordinary appeal for revision in some cases.

  3. What is an appeal against the same administrative body? Procedure and deadlines

    Those administrative actions that exhaust the administrative channel can be appealed against the same body that issued them or be directly disputed through a contested administrative procedure. The latter cannot be lodged until previous channels have been resolved or rejected.

    There is a one-month period to lodge this type of appeal if it were an express measure. After this time, a contested administrative appeal can be lodged no matter the origin of the extraordinary appeal for revision.

    If the measure were express, applicants can appeal against the same body at any time from the following day in which the alleged action takes place.

    There is a one-month deadline to resolve and notify this appeal. The result of this type of appeal cannot be contested.

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