Specific Services

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All projects carried out from the office are focused at all times to break the cultural barriers between Korea and Spain, with the objective of bringing close both cultures for the consecution of new two-way projects, between business, people and institutions from both countries.

Our compromise with education and investigation become fundamental pieces in this program. Each of the projects we carry out are in order to gather the necessary tools on human and technic level to fulfill projects of academic excellence on international level.

Portfolio of Services

The services we offer from the Office in a general level are:

  • Information about scholarships, external helps, job, news and cultural activities related to Korea and East Asia in out website.
  • Diffusion about helps, programs and courses organized by Korean institutions.
  • Translation, support and administrative management with Korean institutions.
  • Organization of cultural and academic activities about South Korea.
  • Organization of the official Korean language exam (TOPIK), in collaboration with South Korean Embassy in Spain and FGUMA.

Specifically, the Office offers the next services for the students:

  • Cultural exchange activities between Korean and Spanish students.
  • Creation of research and training scholarships.
  • Organization of informative seminars about mobility and guiding in the process.
    • Support and information for mobility students.
    • Organization of Language Exchange 1:1.

For the Teaching and Research Staff:

  • Informational service about aid from Andalucía TECH for that area and external aid.
  • Call for visiting professors.
  • Organization of transfer of knowledge seminars about business and Korean university.
  • Organization of seminars and conferences Spain-Korea.
  • Support in the search of a Korean counterpart to create investigations or investigation groups together.

For business, institutions and technology parks: *The services offered are carried on largely with technology parks of Malaga and Incheon*

  • Services of intermediation and support for Korean business that are operating or want to operate in Malaga and vice versa.
  • Organization of business meetings between Spain and Korea.
  • Organization of transfer of knowledge seminars to business.
  • Information for the incorporation of Korean students in business practices in the city of Malaga.
  • Organization of technology and commerce missions.
  • Support for the reception of technology and commerce missions.
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