Narratives and Voices of Resistance for the Construction of Peace – Colombia

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Taking into account the actual global dynamic we experience, the University Of Malaga (UMA) has been increasingly incorporated to the international framework over the last few years. In this new reality, the Agenda 2030 emerges as a global agenda that pursues the achievement of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDS). The UMA, as an agent of cooperation, integrates them into its structure; from the Korea Office we promote the achievement of these objectives through various projects.

South Korea stand out in its participation as a member of the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD, through its cooperation agency KOICA and being in the second highest number of volunteer shipments in the world.

This perfect context has encouraged the existed synergy between the UMA and the National University of Incheon (INU) who, having similar objectives of internationalization and a focus on the SDS, have proposed triangular cooperation projects in Spain and Latin America along with other universities abroad.


Two triangular cooperation projects between the University of Malaga, the National University of Incheon and third universities from Latin America and Asia are presented; the National University of Colombia (UNAL) and, in the other hand, the Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS).

The general objectives of these projects are:

  • Generate a critical citizenship, participative and solidary through investigation and volunteering in a globalized world.
  • Strengthen the image of the UMA and INU as an academic institutions dedicated to development cooperation.
  • Create group projects for the creation and diffusion of knowledge.
  • Promote research cooperation as well as cultural and human exchange in the participating universities.



Since the decade of the 60 till nowadays, the rural and urban population of Colombia suffers the consequences of one of the major intern armed conflicts in the world, despite the 2016 peace accords. A large portion of the affected population has been excluded from the society and the media discourses, leaving the community vulnerable. This situation, with the increasing number of victims and its magnitude, the peace procces developed by the Colombian people is difficult.

In this context, the National University of Colombia (UNAL) created a Memory Observatory (ONALME) with the objective of constructing a memory through listening and pooling of the different actors in the conflict. The University of Malaga participates along with the National University of Incheon sending volunteers in different periods and instances. The first one, carried out by 4 students between July and August of 2018, involved fieldwork activities with victims and perpetrators of the conflict, experts, researchers, other academics and the creation of tools for a correct memorialization of the conflict. The second phase of the project in the country will focus on the “location and territorialization” of memory spaces in the city of Bogotá.


  • Narratives for the construction of memory and peace in Colombia. Exp. 2016SEC004 (2018)
    • Project coordinators from the University of Malaga: Antonio J. Doménech del Río and Patricia Chica Morales.
  • Narratives for the construction of memory and peace in Colombia. Transversallity of the Human Rights. Exp. 2017SEC004 (2019).
    • Project coordinators from the University of Malaga: Antonio J. Doménech, Ana Jorge Alonso, Ruth de Frutos and Patricia Chica Morales.


The development of the cooperation project is financed through the agreement UMA – AACID.


The following is a list that reflects the academic activities resulting of the triangular cooperation project:

  • Conference “Diálogos con Colombia” (Dialogues with Colombia) (8 October 2018):
    • Memorias para la Paz: modos de abordaje (Memories for Peace: approach methodes), by Neyla Pardo Abril (UNAL)
    • Colombia: del conflicto al posacuerdo (Colombia: from the conflicto to the postagreement), by Juliana Acero Camaño (UNAL)
  • 24 interviews, with its respective field observations, applying the protocols of critical research, which were formalized and transcribed in accordance with international standards for the conduct of this work.
  • 1 trailer about the project.
  • Participation in the KOICA- headquarters in Bogotá in the UMA – UNAL project for the next year through the participation in the congress about Development and Peace in Colombia.
  • Realization of 1 workshop for the formation in ethnographic technics applied in the Colombian conflict.
  • Development of a workshop about Memory, Peace and the Colombian Conflict.
  • “The Role of Korea Official Development Assistance on Colombian Conflict”, Chica Moral, Patricia. Presentation of the international conference Korean Studies Graduate Student Conference in the University of Sapienza, Rome (September of 2018).
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