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The Korea Office of the University of Malaga originated from the close relationship between the University of Incheon (UI) and the University of Malaga (UMA).

For several years, both universities have been strengthening their relationships through agreements such as the mobility of students and teachers, collaboration between research groups at universities and the promotion of studies at each university, among others projects. Given the level of relations, their management was integrated into the internationalization bridges of Andalucía TECH with the aim of strengthening relations with Asia.

This relations reached their most critical moment with the signature of 6-band agreements by between the UI, UMA, the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Malaga, the Chamber of Commerce of Incheon, the Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA) and Songdo Technopark.

As a consequence, the need arose to create an organism of representation and management of each university in the other, this is how the Office of UMA in Incheon and the Office of UI in Malaga were born.

Nowadays, the office has changed its name to become The Korea Office (Oficina UMA-ATECH Puente con Corea, in Spanish), fruit of the Andalucía TECH program “Bridge of Internationalization with Asia”.  


Office of Incheon in the University of Malaga

In April 2011 the office of representation of the University of Incheon was opened in the campus of Teatinos in the University of Malaga. Its objective is to promote the exchange of students, teachers, researchers and administration staff and services between both academic institutions, the UMA also counts with a similar headquarter at Incheon. Also, this office collaborates in the promotion of the Campus of International Excellence Andalucía TECH in Korea and Asia, it offers cooperation in research projects between both universities.


Other challenge focuses on the institutional relations between both countries, in this way solid relation between the institutions and Korean and Spanish business are created with common interests. It is the first Korean university office on Spanish soil.


Their activities

To organize international training courses; initiate activities to promote Malaga, Andalusia and Spain; collaborate with Technology Parks and Chambers of Commerce in contact between business of both countries; to help in the preparation of commercial missions between Incheon and  Malaga, and to promote international internships in Incheon and Malaga companies between students of both universities.

Cultural programs also stand out among their activities, each year an essay contest about Korean literature is organized; there is also a Week of Korea celebrated annually in the University of Malaga, which has increased the knowledge about Korean culture among the university community. Also, each month the Office organizes a Korean-Spanish language exchange for students to practice the language.



 As proof of the relations between Malaga and Korea, there have been multiple meetings between their representatives to expand the agreements and continue with the joint work lines.

At the beginning of 2013, the Rector of UMA hosted a meeting to delve into the relationships of researchers from both campuses. There are currently four joint research projects: two of them especially advanced, related to software security and biotechnology projects; and another two underway, linked to biotechnology.


Similarly, a UMA delegation composed of researchers and vice-rectors visited the University of Incheon in July 2013 to discuss the teacher exchange agreements and student internships.


In 2012 there was a meeting in which the Campus of International Excellence Andalucía TECH was introduced to Korean businesses and technology parks. Likewise, a first contact was made with the Research and Technology Transfer Institute of Hanoi, Vietnam, and with the Regional Development Institute of Mie, dedicated to coordinate the health biotechnology sector. In addition, on that occasion the protocols for the organization of paid company practices for UMA students in Korea were specified through a public call made jointly by Andalucía TECH and Incheon Technopark.


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