La Academy of Korean Studies ha abierto la convocatoria para su Master's and Doctoral Degree Program in Korean Studies 2022. A continuación, os dejamos la convocatoria original:

The Graduate School of Korean Studies, the Academy of Korean Studies, is pleased to announce application guidelines for 2022 spring semester.

Those who aspire to widen and deepen their knowledge of Korea and to contribute globalization of Korean studies by joining a Master’s or a doctoral degree program are very welcome to apply.


Why Study at the Graduate School of Korean Studies, the Academy of Korean Studies?

As an educational institute established and funded by the Korean government with the aim of promoting Korean studies, we provide international students with excellent educational and living environments as follows:

  • Tuition fees are fully waived for the whole coursework period for all international students.
  • 69.8% of international students benefit from the Government Grant, a monthly stipend of $640 for a year, renewable upon evaluation.
  • A 5:1 student-faculty ratio enables close one-to-one guidance by professors.
  • Korean language courses are offered free of charge to assist international students with academic writing, presentations, and discussions.
  • Various programs such as tutoring, writing clinic, cultural activities and airfare subsidy for attending overseas conferences, etc. support students’ academic performance.

Currently, approximately 250 students including about 120 international students from 30 countries are enrolled in our Master’s or doctoral degree program in the fields of humanities and social sciences pertinent to Korea.

The Program

  • Coursework period is 2 years for a Master’s degree program and 3 years for a doctoral degree program.
  • An academic year consists of two semesters and courses are provided for 15 weeks per semester. A spring semester begins in March, and a fall semester in September.
  • Most courses are taught in Korean, while courses in Korean Culture and Society major are provided in in English.
  • Students earn 3 credits per each course. In order to graduate, students of a Master’s degree program should complete 24 credits, and a doctoral degree program 36 credits, other than mandatory Korean language courses which are non-credit. Both Master’s degree and doctoral degree students should write a thesis.

Entry Requirement

  • A keen interest in Korean studies, coupled with an undergraduate degree (for a Master’s degree program) or a graduate degree (for a doctoral degree program)
  • English language proficiency equivalent to or higher than TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS Academic Module 6.5, or TEPS 301 for applicants for Korean Culture and Society major
  • Korean language proficiency equivalent to or higher than TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) level 4 for applicants except for Korean Culture and Society major

Application Deadline

We seek for applications twice a year. Application for 2022 spring semester is open from 24 September to 8 October 2021. Applications for 2022 fall semester will be sought in March 2022.

How to Apply

To apply, visit and complete the online application form. A soft copy or a scanned copy of the following documents should be uploaded on the application website:

  • Personal Statement
  • Research Plan
  • A graduation certificate and official transcripts
  • A score report of TOFEL iBT, IELTS Academic Module, or TEPS (if applicable)
  • A TOPIK certificate (if applicable)

In addition, a letter of recommendation should be sent directly from the recommender by email.

Selection Process

A. 1st Process (If applicable) : Korean Language Proficiency Test

  • If applicants do not submit a valid* TOPIK score certificate, the GSKS Korean language teachers conduct a phone interview to test their Korean language proficiency.

*The TOPIK certificate should be valid as of the application deadline.

  • Applicants for Korean Culture and Society major are not applicable.

B. 2nd Process : Document Screening

  • Document screening is held for applicants who meet all the application requirement.
  • Overall evaluation of applicants' research plan, academic ability, language proficiency, and academic background (shown in personal statement and a recommendation letter) takes place.

C. 3rd Process : A Video Interview

  • A video interview is held to those who have passed the 2nd Process.
  • Interview schedule will be informed individually. Applicants who do not participate in the interview are automatically disqualified.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the program or the application process, please contact us at or +82-31-730-8183.


Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree Program


  • Korean History
  • Diplomatics and Bibliography
  • Philosophy
  • Korean Linguistics · Korean Literature
  • Anthropology · Folklore
  • Religious Studies
  • Musicology
  • Art History
  • Cultural Informatics · Human Geography
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Education
  • Korean Culture and Society (Only available for Master’s degree program)


Seongnam City - South Korea

Perched on the side of Cheonggye Mountain, 30km south of the center of Seoul, the campus provides a fantastic setting for the academic pursuits of students with its peaceful atmospheres and natural environments.

Also, students can reach dynamic youth culture of Gangnam area within 30 minutes by bus as well as artistic and historic heritage of Seoul city center within an hour.


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