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Internal Communications

The main objectives of our communications department are:

1.- To establish and strengthen our institution's culture, making sure that the various policies and activities are well known to all.

2.- To achieve greater participation, recognition and involvement of the University community.

3.- To support and allow communication channels between the various centres and, in turn, between these and the administration.

Internal Communications Support

UMA TV Channel:

Dynamic Marketing: A system of display screens placed in strategic points of the University to inform about creative or intellectual activities carried out by members of the University community.

Web Television: multimedia channel accessed through the University of Málaga's website portal ( which provides weekly updates of the various events held at the University.

Distribution Lists:

Distribution lists are set up to send internal communiqués to the different sectors of the University community (academic staff, administrative staff, and students). Development and consolidation of new lists so as to respond to the emerging needs.  

Social Network:

Presence on Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti, and Youtube with daily updates.

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