Press Office

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The University of Malaga's Press Office is responsible for managing relations between the institution and the media. Another of its aims is to provide society with an attractive and positive image of the University and get them involved in any of the multiple activities offered.

The main tasks of the Press Office include:

-Online Press updates.

-Daily press clippings: press headlines and kit services.

-Media relations: Press releases and issue calls. Management of press conferences.

-Special events coverage, through information and graphic sections, as well as other events such as courses, seminars, workshops, Master's courses or other academic activities held at UMA.

-Promotion of research at UMA.

-Search and locate experts (professors, lecturers, etc.) and arrange interviews with the Rector or other University Council members, as is requested by the media.

-Daily updates of cover stories released through UMA's official website .

-Update UMA's agenda.

-Produce slots for television channels and radio stations, with whom we have signed partnerships.

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