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Presentation and history

The department dates back to when the current Faculty of Economic and Business Studies of the University of Malaga (UMA) was created in 1965, as a centre of the University of Granada. With the approval of the University Reform Law in 1984, it had to be integrated into what would be called the "Department of Applied Economics (Economic Structure, Public Finance and Political Economy)." This new unit was the result of the merger of three independent UMA departments, which were part of the Applied Economics Knowledge Area. In 1991 the department regained its autonomy, adopting its current name. Its directors have been professors Ramón Tamames, Antonio Torrero Mañas, Andrés J. Marchante Mera and Bienvenido Ortega Aguaza.

Teaching in the department is organized around five major subjects: Spanish Economy, World Economy, Labour Economics, Tourism Economics and Economic Theory. European Higher Education Area (EHEA) qualifications are given for the following courses in the following Faculties:

- Faculty of Economic and Business Studies: Degree in Economics, Degree in Business Administration and Management, Degree in Finance and Accounting, Double Degree in Business Administration and Management and Law, Double Bilingual Degree in Economics and Business Administration and Management, Master’s Degree in Economic and Business Analysis (MAEs).

- Faculty of Commerce and Management: Degree in Marketing and Market Research and Degree in Public Administration and Management.

- Faculty of Tourism: Degree in Tourism, Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning and Master's Degree in E-Tourism: Applying Technology to Tourism Management and Sales.

- Faculty of Social and Labour Studies: Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources.


- Faculty of Humanities: Degree in Geography and Land Management.

- Faculty of Education: Master's Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate Teaching, Vocational Training and Language Teaching, Specialization in Economics, Business and Commerce.

The department also teaches the Degree in East Asian Studies of the Andalucía TECH International Campus of Excellence.

The department’s main headquarters is in the Faculty of Economic and Business Studies, in the El Ejido Campus, although there are offices of the Department located in the Faculty of Tourism and the Social Studies and Commerce building.


Faculty of Economic and Business Studies
Calle El Ejido no. 6, 29017, Málaga
Tel.: 952 13 20 75 / Fax: 952 13 6616

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