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  • Mariano Luque Gallego

    Full Professor

    Phone: +34 952131173    E-mail:

    Office room: 1112  Faculty of Economics and Business Administration



He is a Full Professor in the Department of Applied Economics (Mathematics), University of Málaga, Spain. He holds a degree in Mathematics (1995), and a PhD in Economy and Business Administration (2000). His research is focused on multicriteria techniques, especially interactive methods, reference point based methods and evolutionary algorithms. He is also working on applications in the fields of education, workers’ satisfaction, electricity generation and sustainability issues, human development index, etc. He has published nearly forty papers JCR in journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Operations Research, Omega, Management Science, Expert Systems with Applications, Renewable Energy, etc.



Mathematics for Bachelor's in Business Administration and Management.

Decision techniques for Master's in International Cooperation and Development Policies,



Main research lines:

  • Optimization with multiple objectives: methodology, computational implementation and real models.
  • Optimal allocation of resources from the education policy perspective.
  • Analysis of optimal matching in the labor market of women and men-workers.
  • Optimization in transport.
  • Development of synthetic indexes of inequality, competitiveness, etc.


Last research projects:

Optimal Decision Making in Education Policy Based on Real Data Analysis. Funded by the National Goverment Programme. 2015-2018.

Interactive Multiobjective Programming based on reference point techniques and its application to sustainability and climate change in Spain. 2011-2014.




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