Non-Official Master’s Studies

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  1. How can I enrol in the Master’s Course in Private Detective?

    Since the school year 2018/2019 no new students are admitted in this programme, as it is in process of closure. However, students who are enrolling for the second time or more shall follow the following process:

    1. Access the URL:
    2. If you do not have an account, sign up.
    3. Register on the appropriate subjects on-line.
    4. You shall receive an e-mail when payment letters are issued by the platform.
    5. Once paid and uploaded by the student, registration will be completed.


  2. When does the academic year begin?

    The academic year shall begin when the calendar passed by the administration of the Málaga division of the IAIC for every school year says so. This information is available on the IAIC website..

  3. How can I validate the subjects that I have passed?

    As far as this programme is concerned, students need to request the validation of subjects to the administration of the Málaga division of the IAIC during the period established for enrolment.

    For that purpose, they need to attach the syllabus of the subject sealed and signed by the appropriate department. Then, the Academic Secretary of the Málaga division of the IAIC shall inform if the requests received have been deemed appropriate or not. If a request is approved, it is sent to the Comisión de Títulos Propios [Non-Official Degrees Commission] of the University of Málaga to resolve it. This only applies to those that are not included in the appropriate charter for validation. Charters for validation can be checked on here:

  4. How can I obtain an extension for my tuition?

    In order to obtain and extension for the tuition of the Master’s Course in Private Detective in the Málaga division of the IAIC, the following requirements must be met:

                            I.         Subjects from the first semester until 30th November

                           II.         Subjects from the second semester until 31st March

    The rest of non-official degrees taught at the IAIC do not offer this possibility.

  5. How many calls are there for exams in the Master’s Course in Private Detective?

    Tuition gives students access to two calls:

    • First call is in February for subjects of the first semester and in June for those of the second semester.
    • Second call is in September and just for remaining subjects both from February and June.
    • There is also the possibility of an extraordinary call for the completion of the studies in December, but it is only available for students enrolled in that school year and with less than 20 ECTS remaining.

    Students shall only have four calls per subject and internship or research programme. Those who want to take the test in the extraordinary call in December and who meet the requirements described above, must indicate so on the enrolment form.

  6. How much time do professors have to publish the exam marks?

    The professor of the subject shall sign every page of the official mark document and then present it in the administration of the IAIC within a period of 20 business days after the exam is taken or the research project is handed in.

  7. What is the deadline for exam revision?

    The professor of the subject shall establish a deadline for the revision of exams. There must be a minimum of 48 hours between the publication of the marks and the date set for review.

  8. How can I file a complaint about my marks?

    Firstly, and before filing a complaint, the student must meet with the professor to revise the exam and dispel any doubts about their mark.

    If there is still a disagreement concerning the mark, next step is to file a complaint to the Comisión de Títulos Propios [Non-Official Degrees Commission]. If afterwards there were still a disagreement, an appeal could be lodged to the Dean of the University.

    Students shall have a period of one month to appeal against the resolution from the moment they receive the notification. The deadline to adopt and notify a resolution shall be three months. From then on, the appeal may be considered rejected.

  9. How can I get the degree?

    Those who have met the requirements established on the Syllabus shall collect their certificate during the next three months after all official marks have been presented to the administration of the Málaga division of the IAIC.

  10. Where can I collect it?

    Certificates shall be handed over in the administration of the Málaga division of the IAIC.

  11. How much does it cost to get the certificate?

    Degrees are free, as their price is already included in the tuition.

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