Nuevos Cursos: International Marketing y Spanish Art and Architecture

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International Marketing

International Marketing involves recognizing that people all over the world have different needs. Companies like Coca-Cola, BIC, etc. have brands that are recognized across the globe. While many products that these businesses sell are targeted at a global audience using a consistent marketing mix, it is also necessary to understand regional differences, hence the importance of International Marketing. The objective of this program is to introduce and enable the student to understand the complex issues involved in commercial operations in international markets. Special attention will be paid to the influence of cultural differences. Students will be provided with the relevant material for each unit.

Number of hours: 45
Minimum number of students: 5 
ECTS credits: 4,5 credits
Date: 1 – 11 July, 2019. From Monday to Friday. 09:00 – 14:00

Spanish Art and Architecture

Art is an individual and a cultural expression and, as such, pieces of art and artists can be seen as reflections of their culture throughout time. Therefore, the study of art movements and artists is one way to learn from a society and its culture. The works of Velázquez, Herrera, Goya and Gaudí are paramount in the history of Spanish, as well as Western, Art. This course will help students to understand artistic values in their sociohistorical context in which it was created. The course is organized in a way that helps students develop their knowledge about art from the very beginning. It starts by offering a short introduction on how to analyze art (painting and architecture). Then it moves on to artistic movements and artists, explained by the lecturer. The students themselves have to choose readings for their classmates to read, write short and full essays and make short presentations on topics chosen by the lecturer.

Number of hours: 45
Minimum number of students: 5 
ECTS credits: 4,5 credits
Date: 3 – 28 June, 2019. From Monday to Friday. 13:10 – 15:00

 Price: 614 €  
     Place reservation fee (20%): 122,80 € 
     Enrolment (80%): 491,20 €


> University of Malaga student ID card, allowing free access to all university facilities 
> Health insurance. 

Certificates: (price included in the enrolment fee): University of Malaga Own-Degree: To obtain the certificate, students must attendat least 80% of the classes and pass the level final exam.

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