CCSE exams 2024

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CIE-UMA exam dates

JanuaryJanuary 23rd *December 12nd 2023
January 25thJanuary 4th 2024
Februaryfebruary 27st *January 16th 2024
february 29rdFebruary 8th 2024
Marchmarch 19th *February 6th 2024
march 21thFebruary 29th 2024
Aprilapril 23rd *March 12nd 2024
april 25thApril 4th 2024
Maymay 28th *
April 16th 2024
may 30thMay 9th de 2024
Junejune 26th *
May 14th 2024
june 27thJune 6th 2024
Septemberseptember 24thAugust 13rd 2024
september 26thSeptember 5th 2024
Octoberoctober 29th *
September 17th 2024
october 31stOctober 10th 2024
Novembernovember 26th *
October 15th 2024
november 28thNovember 7th 2024
* Date of extraordinary calls for illiterate candidates


General information on the Instituto Cervantes tests to obtain Spanish nationality

The CCSE test is aimed at all those people residing in Spain who want to obtain Spanish nationality.

Among other requirements, both laws require applicants to pass two exams which are elaborated and administered by the Instituto Cervantes:

Minors and those under guardianship are exempt from taking both tests.

> People who are citizens of countries or territories where Spanish is the official language are exempt from taking the DELE Spanish language exam.
> For information about the DELE exams and how to register, visit the  Instituto Cervantes DELE exams portal.
> For information about the CCSE exam and how to register, visit the "registration" and "exams" sections.
> For information about other requirements needed to obtain Spanish nationality, visit the Spanish Ministry of Justice website.

More information

Since 2002, the Instituto Cervantes has been responsible for the academic, administrative and economic management of the DELE diplomas. These are official qualifications awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The Instituto Cervantes exams, as with its other evaluation and accreditation services, are elaborated following the specifications set out in the Council of Europe's European Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR guidelines are used in conjunction with the Council of Europe's Manual which helps providers of examinations situate their exams in relation to the CEFR.

In addition, the Instituto Cervantes follows the international standards of the two language assesment and certification services associations to which it belongs, ALTE (on a European level) and SICELE (on a Hispanic level). The Instituto Cervantes follows the standards of the associations in the following procedures:

  • Elaboration and development of tests
  • Exam management and administration arrangements. This includes offering an exam administered under special conditions.
  • Marking and analysis of results. This includes a procedure allowing candidates to request a review of the marks awarded.
  • Information for users. This includes a procedure for dealing with complaints about the CCSE test procedure.

All the information provided here in is for information purposes only. For more detailed information about the CCSE exams, visit the official Instituto Cervantes website.

For any queries related to the information contained on this webpage, as well as additional information about the CCSE exam, you should contact:

CCSE exam scoring system

The maximum score that can be obtained in the CCSE exam is equal to the number of questions it contains (25 points). To pass the exam you must answer 15 of the 25 questions correctly, i.e. 60% of questions. The same criterion is also applied to the DELE Spanish Diploma Assessment and Certification System.

The CCSE exam consists of 25 questions with just one correct answer and is marked automatically. Correct answers receive 1 point; incorrect answers receive 0 points. Incorrect answers are not penalised. The maximum score that can be obtained in the CCSE exam is equal to the number of questions it contains (25 points). The minimum score to needed to pass the CCSE exam is 15.

In the first part of the exam marking procedure, candidates' answer sheets are marked automatically.  Following this, the Academic Directorate of the Instituto Cervantes analyses the overall results in each centre or country where the exam has been taken to compare the homogeneity of results and analyse any deviation or incidence that may have occurred. Once verified that the marking procedure has been carried out correctly, the marks are approved and the results published.

As soon as the results are published, candidates will be able to sign in to their personal account on the CCSE portal, where they can access their exam certificate. The certificate will show a pass or fail grade and is signed electronically by the Instituto Cervantes. The electronic document is valid for the process of granting or acquiring Spanish nationality, as appropriate, and is valid for four years.

It is important to remember that candidates can take the test a second time without having to pay the registration fee again, in accordance with the conditions established by the Instituto Cervantes.

Eligible candidates

Candidates of any nationality over 18 years of age and with the legal capacity to act can register to take the CCSE test.

Registration and payment

The registration fee for the CCSE exam in 2024 is 85 euros. This price includes the exam fees and the CCSE exam preparation manual.

Registration for the CCSE exam gives candidates the right to sit the exam on two occasions. This is only possible if a candidate has not passed the exam on the first attempt, or has not attended the first call.

Registration and payment of fees are done online. Candidates must first register for the CCCSE exam in their users' personal account on the official Instituto Cervantes website.

CCSE exam preparation

For the preparation and practice of the exam, the Instituto Cervantes makes the following link available to the candidates:
In it you will find:

  • The CCSE exam guide
  • The exam manual
  • The mobile application to practique

CCSE price

85 euros.

All the information provided here is for information purposes only. Exam registration, payment of fees and requests for any additional information must be done through the official Instituto Cervantes website for the CCSE exams. In the event of any discrepancy between the information contained herein and the aforementioned website, the information on the official Instituto Cervantes website will prevail.
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