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What is ESN?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association in Europe. Founded in 1989 and legally registered in 1990, it was created with the aim of supporting and developing student exchange. Since then, ESN has not stopped growing. Currently, we are present in more than 520 institutions spread in 42 countries, 535 local sections and we are more than 15,000 volunteers.

ESN works and cooperates with Universities and Institutions offering services to more than 300,000 students, based mainly on volunteering.

ESN operates at 3 levels: international, national and local. You can check the ESN International website here.

ESN Spain

In Spain, there are currently 38 local sections that collaborate with more than 30 universities and we are more than 1,500 volunteers serving the approximately 52,000 international students who come to Spain each year.

You can check the ESN Spain website here.

ESN Principles

The ESN principles by which all volunteers work are:

●     We all have different origins, but we share a common goal and interest.

●     Students helping other students, with their mobility programs or to integrate in a new place.

●     Always enjoy with respect in all our activities, trips and events.

●     We have an international vision of life, we are open-minded people, who enjoy traveling, exploring and cooperating beyond borders.

●     We see Europe as a place of peace and cultural exchange.

●     We understand and accept everyone, always learning about different perspectives.

Most of the ESN volunteers are former exchange students. After having had good experiences during our stay abroad, we are back in our hometown wanting to help all the international students who come to Malaga to enjoy the city and integrate into the local community.

We organize activities that include social and cultural events such as: trips to different cities in Spain, sports competitions, language exchanges, cultural visits, tutorials, international meals, excursions, parties, film sessions, competitions, weekly meeting points, cooking courses, dance classes etc.

Check out our website for more information

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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