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> How long has the Málaga University International Centre for Sapnish been running?
The Málaga University International Centre for Spanish was founded in 1947, with the aim of disseminating the Spanish language and culture.

> When can I start a course?
It is advisable to start a course on the official starting date. If this is not possible, you should contact the Centre’s Administration office to enquire about the places available for the different levels.

> I want to book a place on a course. How do I do this?
To book a place on a course you need to fill in the online form on the webpage of your chosen course. You can also send it by post or fax. We will confirm your request by email, fax or post.

> How do I know what my level of Spanish is?
On the first day of the course, students are given a level test and placed in a group which is suitable for their level of Spanish.

> What time do the classes start and finish?
Class times vary depending on the course you take. There are classes which begin at 8.30 in the morning.

> What do I need to take to the class on the first day of the course?
You will only need an identification document with photo and something to write with on the first day. The Centre will provide some of the materials that you will use in class. However, if the teacher thinks it is necessary, you may be asked to buy a book.

> What training and experience does the teaching staff have?
The teaching staff consists of PhD holders and university graduates who have been selected for their teaching experience and training in ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) (Spanish as a Foreign Language).

> Will classes falling on a bank holiday be made up at a later date?
The Centre will be closed on the days marked as a public holiday on our calendar. You can check it in the highlight menu.


> How can I book accommodation from my hometown?
Students enrolled on our courses can ask for information about accommodation to be sent to them. They will receive information about the different types of accommodation offered by companies working in collaboration with the Centre.

Request information about accommodation: HERE


> Where can I find information about the Málaga International Centre for Spanish?
- We can send you the information by post. To request information send an email or phone us on the numbers below.
- You can visit our webpage.
- You can download our brochure in PDF format (Spanish and English versions).

If you want to contact us directly by email or telephone, we are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 14:00 and from Monday to Thursday from 16:00 - 18:00 (local time).

Tel:     (+34) 951 952 738 / (+34) 951 952 737
Fax:    (+34) 951 952 742

> How old are the students?
The minimum age to be accepted on the course is 16. Most of our students are between 18 and 35. There is no upper age limit.

> What activities does the Málaga University International Centre for Spanish offer?
Students can participate in all the activities offered by Málaga University as well as those organised by the Centre. You will be informed well in advance of all the activities on offer.


> How do I get to Málaga?
From the airport you can take the number 19 bus which goes to the city centre and leaves every 30 minutes. There is a train which goes from the airport to the main train station in Málaga. From the train station, you can either take a taxi to our Centre in the El Palo district, or take the number 11 or 3 bus from the Alameda Principal. There is also a 24-hour taxi service at the airport.
The transfer service from the airport to your accommodation is only available for organised groups. However, you can arrange for this service with the company providing your accommodation.

> Do I need a visa to study at your Centre? Where can I get help to obtain it?
For information about the documents you need, please contact the nearest Spanish Embassy. Once you have booked a place on the course, the Administration office at our Centre will, if necessary, provide you with an invitation letter in order to obtain the visa


>How do I pay for the course?
The enrolment fees are made up of the booking fee (20% of the total enrolment fee) and the registration fee (80% of the total enrolment fee). Before the start of your chosen course or programme, the enrolment fee (booking fee and registration fee) must have been paid in full.
Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer (with no commission charges) to the following bank account:

    Branch office: Alameda Principal nº 12, 29015, Málaga, España
    Recipient: Fundación General de la Universidad de Málaga, Centro Internacional de Español 
    Account number: 0049 5204 50 2618591861 
    IBAN: ES1500495204502618591861 
    Swift code (BIC): BSCHESMM

> Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can pay by credit card at the Administration office of the Centre. All bank charges which may be incurred by credit card payment will be paid by the student.

> What happens if I want to cancel my course?
In order to get a refund of the registration fee (80% of the enrolment fee), you must write to the Administration office of our Centre at least 20 calendar days before the start of the course, informing the Centre of your intention to cancel the course and your reason for doing so. Any bank charges which may be incurred from the refund of the registration will be paid by the student.

> If I do not attend classes, am I eligible for a refund?
You are not eligible for a refund if you do not attend classes. Classes you have missed cannot be made up.

> If I have a problem, where can I make a complaint or file a claim?
On the homepage of the Málaga University website, there is a section for complaints, suggestions and compliments. Complaints or claims can be submitted in writing and presented at the Caretaker’s office or the Administration office of the Centre.

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