Proyectos Erasmus+

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Con participación de la Universidad de Málaga

  • Adaptive Learning Project

    The aim of this project is to develop and validate a computerised adaptative applications device for dynamic assessment (DA) and the optimisation of executive functions (EF) in children with special educational needs SEN associated with neurodevelopmental and learning disorders (C-DAOEF).

  • SSE Senior Social Entrepreneurship

    The overall objective of the SSE project is to raise awareness of the benefits of social entrepreneurship for older people.


    HEROES aims to create an innovative pedagogical pathway, shared at EU level, based on a participatory approach to Cultural Heritage.

  • ESC-Tension

    EU Student Card Extension and Adoption aims to improve the capacity of universities to adopt and implement the European Student Card.

  • TePinTeach “PLC in teacher education"

    Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are highly valued internationally for the development of schools and the improvement of student performance. The consortium consists of a group of experts with extensive experience in setting up and monitoring PLCs. This takes place as a means for bringing teacher professionalization into teacher education.

  • READ-COM “Promoting a digital book era”

    “Reading Communities from paper books to digital era”. This project aims to improve reading habits at home and at school so that all children can have the same opportunities in the future.

  • IMAS “Increasing Mathematical Attainment in Schools”

    This project provides teachers with statistical data tools to automate measurements of learning progress in mathematics.

  • FUTURE FEET: Foot health digital learning

    The aim of this project is to improve digital skills in the podiatric professional community, both for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as to transfer research and scientific knowledge to clinical foot health education and practice.

  • EU-CUL Exploring European cultural heritage

    The aim of EU_CUL is to recognise and enhance the potential of Europe's cultural heritage for higher education, improving its educational and social dimension, to realise the idea of preserving cultural heritage and fostering a sense of European identity and culture.

  • LELENET Leading Learning by Networking

    The project links two topical issues: school networking and project leadership in inclusive education issues (diversity management in schools, respectively).

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