Proyectos Erasmus+

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Con participación de la Universidad de Málaga

  • Comix & Digital

    Proyecto Erasmus+

  • Learning to Learn (L2L)

    Learning to learn: a common path towards validation in non-formal learning

  • CRxSiSS

    Comparando Recursos para asignaturas en situaciones de gravedad / Comparing Resources for Subjects in Severe Situations


    Non-formal Skills improvement and Recognition for adult learners

  • LEMA 'Learning from the Margins'

    Social inclusion of highly marginalised young people urban settings.

  • CaST `Communities and Students Together`

    El proyecto CaST se centra en cómo las universidades pueden trabajar de una manera más eficaz e inclusiva dentro de las comunidades de sus ciudades, proporcionando a los estudiantes oportunidades para trabajar en los desafíos sociales locales.

  • educere

    "Educere" Competence accreditation model for professionals in the juvenile justice sector in Europe.

  • SafeEngine

    An innovative and integrative approach to risk assessment training addresses the needs and requirements of environmental health and safety in the workplace in today's society.

  • FairFood

    FairFood for a Smart Life contributes to improving health through nutritional education inspired by the way our ancestors used to eat, with natural, locally sourced products, treated simply and consumed in season, while contributing to preserving Europe's culinary cultural heritage and slowing down climate change.

  • ASTONRail

    “Advanced approacheS and practices for rail training and education TO innovate Rail study programmes & Improve rail higher education provision”

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