Nomination and Acceptance

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Requirements to be accepted

To be accepted as an exchange student, the following requirements must be previously fulfilled:

  1. First of all, home institutions must send nominations via our Nomination Tool. Only students nominated via this online system will be accepted.
  2. For Erasmus UMA cannot accept students from a Field of Study (faculty) different from the stipulated in the interinstitutional agreement.
  3. Postgraduate students (Master and PhD) will be only accepted if this option is included in the bilateral agreement previously signed with home institution.
  4. Regarding language proficiency, no certification is required although a B1 Spanish level is advisable. Furthermore, students who do not speak Spanish fluently may experience difficulties to find the appropriate courses and to communicate during their stay in Malaga.

Nomination Terms 


  • First Semester and Full Year: 21st April -1st June
  • Second Semester: 21st April - 1st November
  • First semester, full year and second semester for Health Sciences, Medicine and Fine Arts: 21st April -1st June

Minimum period required

The minimum period of stay at the Universidad de Málaga will be 4.5 months. This period is necessary to complete the administrative and academic requirements due to the evaluation system.

Online Application Form

The second step is to fill out the Application. This procedure is compulsory and must be completed before the following deadlines: 

-First Semester and Full Year: 30th June

-Second Semester: 30th November

-First semester, full year and second semester for Health Sciences, Medicine and Fine Arts students: 30th June

Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies (Master and PhD) at UMA will only be possible for incoming students if this option is included in the Bilateral Agreement with home institution and it would be only possible to select master courses of the main faculty at UMA. Master courses cannot be selected in any other faculty.

Restrictions and rules established by UMA

  • Incoming exchange students must select half of their courses from the main faculty where they have been nominated by their home institution. The other 50% of courses can be selected in other faculties. Any doubts should be clarified at home institutions before the selection of candidates.
  • There is a limited number of students per course, therefore please consider different options in order to have more possibilities of recognition.
  • For Medicine students: it will not be possible to enrol in any course of 6th year (rotatorios).

Letter of Acceptance

Once the application form is saved, exchange students will receive an email with a link to download their Acceptance Letter with our signature. Before enrolling, the Acceptance Letter may serve to justify the exchange stay at UMA, carry out any formalities required or apply for the Visa or student bus card.


In order to help students from Non-European Programmes in their visa procedures, the original Acceptance Letter will be available for downloading by the home Coordinator once students have been nominated. ISEP Students will receive it directly by email from our International Relations Office.


Erasmus+ KA103/131 students will be able to download the Letter of Acceptance after completing the Application form.

Attention: every Non-European student is responsible for the application of the VISA or any other procedures established by the Spanish Embassy /Consulates prior to their arrival in Malaga.






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