Key Action



Strategic Partnerships - Higher Education



Project duration

36 months

Start date


End date




Coordinating Institution

Linkopings Universite, Sweden

Partner Institutions

Universidad de Málaga, Spain

Jyvaskylan Yliopisto, Finland

Padagogische Hochschule Wien, Austria

Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem, Hungary

Europa-Universitat Flensburg, Germany

University of Chester, United Kingdom

Tartu Ulikool, Estonia


Project description

Democracy and diversity are key priorities for ReCreaDe, in particular the relationship between democracy and diversity in the context of education. ReCreaDe recognises that diversity is a fundamental premise for democracy and the inability to engage positively with diversity is the inability to act democratically.

For democracy to continue as a living ideal in Europe, Europeans need to develop new ways of engaging positively with Europe's diverse cultural heritage. The project aims to address primarily pre-service teacher education as a fundamental stage in the pedagogical development of teachers.

We hope that by engaging in-service teachers in critical dialogues and activities related to democracy and diversity, these experiences and understanding will inform their professional relationships with different educational stakeholders (parents, peers, staff), pedagogical actions in classrooms and different communities, and continued development as educational professionals and members of a democratic society.

Coordinating Professor UMA

Elvira Barrios (elvira.barrios@uma.es