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Project duration

24 months

Start date


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Coordinating Institution

Universidad de Málaga, Spain

Partner Institutions

Internet Web Solutions, Spain

Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

IDP European Consultants, Italy

Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires, Belgium

Project description

The aim of the FairFood for a Smart Life project is to contribute to the improvement of health through nutritional education inspired by the way our ancestors ate, with natural, locally sourced products, simply prepared and consumed in season, while contributing to preserving Europe's culinary cultural heritage and slowing down climate change. Europe's rich gastronomic culture includes the Mediterranean diet, an intangible heritage of humanity. The dissemination of these guidelines is beneficial for the whole population as well as for the environment.

The consortium of this project is made up of 6 partners from 4 countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium), including the leading exponents of the Mediterranean diet, and brings together universities, experts from the agri-food sector, consultants and educators to achieve a triple objective:

  • Identify and preserve ancestral knowledge on products and modes of production, conservation and consumption of traditional foods that are at risk of disappearing in the project regions.
  • Disseminate this knowledge among the general population and especially among young people, through face-to-face and online training programmes, being present in social networks, and counting on the collaboration of opinion leaders and influencers, such as chefs, food critics, sportsmen and women, etc.
  • Contribute to the entrepreneurship and development in rural areas of businesses based on healthy forms of food production, treatment and consumption, focused on the recovery of traditional techniques that respect the environment, in order to make rural areas more competitive and attractive for the settlement of the population.

Coordinating Professor UMA

Ana María Castillo amcc@uma.es