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Tecnolengua (Linguistic Technologies and Intercultural Communication)

The Research Group Tecnolengua (Linguistic Technologies and Intercultural Communication) is focused on the automatized analysis of language, discourse analysis and cognitive processes, with special interest in sentiment analysis and text mining. Our focus is mixed because, although we mainly rely on linguistic methodologies, we complement them with automatic learning techniques from annotated corpora. On previous projects we have worked on software and resources development for the creation and management of lexical and terminogical databases, as well as ontologies as centerpiece of knowledge-based terminological databases.

More information

We have already finished our tool Lingmotif, a tool of multilingual and multidomain text analysis. Lingmotif obtains precise metrics on the opinion expressed in a text. The tool can analyse content of general interest as well as specialised domains, such as in finance or the hospitality industry. You can create a free user account and try their functionalities now.

We have also developed Eavitur, an app that analyses users' opinions of more than 8,500 places of interest in Andalucía.


Principal Investigator: ANTONIO MORENO ORTIZ


Chantal Pérez Hernández

Francisco Pineda Castillo

Marion Edwards

Salomé Yélamos Guerra

Javier Fernández Cruz

Carmen Mata Pastor

María García Gámez

Carla Fernández Melendres

Olga Salas Pérez

Irina Muñoz Toala

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