Research Group - Linguistics and Applied Languages (LLA)

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Linguistics and Applied Languages

The Research Group HUM-842 is formed by lecturers of English Studies, French Studies and Translation and Interpreting from the University of Málaga. Its name, "Linguistics and Applied Languages", responds to the main research lines of its members. Indeed, their affinity and productivity in similar research interests and previous projects implused their official collaboration under the creation of this Research Group. We find the scientific activity of a multilingual group especially nurturing, in particular within the field of comparative studies.

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Principal Investigator: LIDIA TAILLEFER DE HAYA

Investigators and Contributors:

Miren Aingeru Bugnot Tripoz

María del Carmen Cortés Zaborras

Eva María Gil Benítez

Mary Griffith Bourn

Susana Guerrero Salazar

Ana María López Gallardo

Rosa Muñoz Luna

Erica Nagacevschi Josan

Carmen María Pastor Ayala

Inmaculada Pineda Hernández

Sergio Ruiz Doña

María Teresa Silva Ros

María José Torres Navarro

María Isabel Turci Domingo


Supervised PhD Dissertations:

Sara Bustinduy Fernández

M.ª Carmen Calero Castillo

Isabel M.ª Carretero Guzmán

Laura Domínguez García

Carmen Gallego Sturla

Mary Griffith Bourn

Ana María López Gallardo

Maha Mamdouh Ganem

Rehan Megren Almegren

Rosa Muñoz Luna

Yiyun Ou

Cristina A. Padial Garrido

Sergio Ruiz Doña

Ana Salto Sánchez del Corral

María Teresa Silva Ros

Sara M.ª Toledo Sillero

Cristina Vereda Alonso

Ganna Zakharova

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