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-Starting the doctorate outline (Spanish and English)

-Visual guide to access to DAD, iDUMA and the virtual Campus virtual in Spanish  and English.

-Enrolment guide 2020-2021.

Doctoral programme in Linguistics, Literature and Translation
Responsible center:  Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Center where activities are organised:  Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Level: Doctorate
Field: Arts
Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Arabic
Number of places available: 45 (up to 30% part time) 
Interuniversitary: No 
ISCED 1: Arts
ISCED 2: Foreign languages


The PhD Programme in Linguistics, Literature and Translation is the materialisation, within the regulatory framework of RD 99/2011, of the joint effort made by professors from five departments of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the UMA, in order to create a common proposal that brings together the most innovative and relevant lines of research in the fields of Linguistics, Literature and Translation in several modern languages. The Doctoral Programme in Linguistics, Literature and Translation aims to train its doctoral students for research work, so that they are capable of starting up and undertaking a substantial research process that materialises in the completion of a doctoral thesis. The lines of research proposed are designed to cover a broad spectrum within the schools of thought, theories and methodologies of greatest scientific relevance in the areas of knowledge involved. This doctoral programme proposes six lines of research in which 14 research teams are integrated, mainly made up of researchers who share research interests, PAIDI groups, research projects, etc.

Research lines:

  • Linguistics and Spanish language
  • Linguistics and modern languages
  • Specialised translation, translation technologies and interpreting
  • Spanish literature and culture 
  • Translation, literature and society
  • Literature and Culture in Modern Languages  


Academic coordinator:

  • Dra. Rosario Arias Doblas.





Official information:

  • Resolution of the Council of Universities -positive verification-: 23/07/2013.
  • Authorisation by the Junta de Andalucía: Decree 83/2013 of 16 July 2013. B.O.J.A. 18 July 2013.
  • Title Code in the Register of Universities, Centres and Degrees (RUCT): 5600382
  • Year of implementation:2013/2014 


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