Research Group - CLEFT: Linguistic Change and Philological Edition of Texts

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CLEFT: Linguistic Change and Philological Edition of Texts

The Research Group CLEFT (HUM-497), funded in 1995, incorporates investigators from the University of Málaga and other Spanish universities with the interest in linguistic variation in English from diacronic, sincronic and diatopical approaches. Although manuscript studies and the textual scholarship of texts have been part of CLEFT's fundamental aims, the Research Group is currently focused on the study of Early and Late Middle English and varieties of Present-Day English, following the approach of Corpus Linguistics.

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Principal Investigator: DAVID MORENO OLALLA


Inmaculada Luque Vázquez

Francisco José Martín del Pozo

Laura Esteban Segura

Juan Lorente Sánchez

Carlos Soriano Jiménez

External Members:

Santiago González Fernández-Corigedo (Universidad de Oviedo)

Juan Camilo Conde Silvestre (Universidad de Murcia)

Teresa Marqués Aguado (Universidad de Murcia)

Jesús Romero Barranco (Universidad de Granada)

Miriam Criado Peña (Universidad de Granada)

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