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UMA's OTRI processes contracts and agreements, until the date of signing and entry into force, established between university research groups and companies.
The main services provided during this process comprise:

  1. Attend to the offer and demand of partnerhips between research groups and companies as well as manage these until the signing date

  2. Adivse the faculty on:
    • Contracting procedures and supporting documentation.
    • Development of company budgets
    • Contract types and relevant clauses (confidentiality, publication, industrial property rights and exploitation of results)

  3. Drawing up contracts, review and correct those drafted by teachers or companies, and negotiate the terms and conditions with companies.
  4. Contract administrative procedures and corrections where applicable
  5. Company billing of the amount and on the date established by the contract/agreement.
  6. Processing the appointment of students as fellows under the contract/agremment.
  7. Lastly, financial matters are handled by the University's Department of Finance.
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