Fellowship Appointment

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Appointment of fellows and recruitment

The are various ways to incorporate external staff in the partnership:


  1. Appointment of students fellowships via OTRI

    Regulations on Students Fellowships Appointment


    Application for Fellowship Appointment

    Training Plan
    Confidenciality Agreement
    The insurance amount, to be paid before the appointment, will be determined by the amount and the duration of the grant.

    Fellows Manager:

    Mr. Adrián Palma Medronho
    Tel: 952 13 41 87


  2. Fellowship appointment or recruitment of University Degree holders

    In order to appoint or recruit University Degree holders as fellows on the basis of a contract or grant agreement, main researchers must follow the procedure established by the Office of the Vice-President for Research and PhD Studies, which will also provide the necessary forms to begin such procedure.

    Recruitment manager: 

    Ms. Remedios Martínez Rueda
    Phone: 951.95.32.32
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