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Quality Control Plan

The Board of Directors of the School is aware of the need to guarantee the quality of products and services it provides. It considers a commitment to quality as being an essential factor in ensuring that the skills and aptitudes of graduates are recognised by prospective employers and by society as a whole.

The Board of Directors seeks to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of all those parties to whom the School provides services, both internal and external, are fully satisfied. To this end, the Board is committed to utilising all the necessary technical, economic and human resources it has at its disposal, in strict accordance with legal requirements at the regional, national and European level.

The mission of students, professors, administrative staff and graduates of the School of Computer Science Engineering, is to make valuable contributions to Information Technology in academic, industrial, commercial and social contexts.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors has set out a list of guidelines designed to ensure that the aims of the School’s Quality Control Plan are met:

  • To provide an excellent education, guaranteeing a wide academic offering in accordance with the needs and expectations of society as part of the European Higher Education Area.
  • To promote the continuous training of all the School’s staff in their relevant field(s), ensuring they have the necessary means to satisfy the needs of the relevant parties.
  • To ensure an unwavering commitment to improvement, and to carrying out any corrective or preventative actions that may be necessary to achieve this.
  • To ensure that the School’s Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all the School’s staff and that it is easily accessible for the general public.
  • To ensure that the Quality Control System is effective and that is subject to regular controls and revision.


    The School’s Board is fully committed to the continuous development of the guidelines related to Quality Policy.


    The Quality Control Committee and the various degree coordinators carry out a quality control analysis on a yearly basis. This is then evaluated by the Evaluation and Accreditation Unit (DEVA) of the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge (AAC), which drafts Degree Assessment Reports. These reports are accessible to the public and are available at the following webpage: “Degree Assessment Reports” [In Spanish]. All documents related to the degree programmes offered by the School are available on this webpage: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering (code 2502006), Bachelor’s Degree in Computing (code 2501988), Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering (code 2501999), Bachelor’s Degree in Health Engineering (code 2502602), Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (code 4312295), Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (code 4314957), PhD in IT Technology (code 5600224).


    During the Academic year 2017/18, the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering will undergo changes regarding the grading system. A progress report on this process can be accessed at the following link:


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